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Marco Jenni, *1991 environmental engineer, activists

Thanks to my environmental engineering studies I recognize and understand the various problems we face as a society better. I focused on Life Cyle Assesments (LCA), the calculation of the impact of a product or service on the environment. Within my work at the myclimate carbon offset foundation, I have gained in-depth knowledge of LCA’s, in particular CO2 calculations, carbon offset projects at national and international level and voluntary emissions trading. Working with a wide variety of companies, doing research and consulting helped me understand how the economy is trying to address climate change. With a critical view about the possible solutions I decided to also get involved in different political activities. These included organizing campaigns, workshops and actions against the financing of fossil fuel companies. In 2020 I decided to leave Switzerland for one year and work in Amsterdam for ASEED Europe, a small research organization focusing on agriculture. I joined DataCatering to use my network and my research skills to demonstrate the role and power of financial institutes in our society.