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Olivier Christe
Researcher, journalist

My interest is to make financial flows as transparent as possible and thus to take away the appearance of untouchability. I have been doing this for several years as a journalist... read more

Silva Lieberherr
Agronomist, researcher

I have been involved in political activities and social justice since I was a teenager. I studied agricultural sciences at the ETH in Zurich and did a PhD in Geography at the University of Zurich and the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai, India.... read more

Marco Jenni
Researcher, environmental engineer

Thanks to my environmental engineering studies I recognize and understand the various problems we face as a society better. I focused on Life Cyle Assesments (LCA), the calculation of the impact of a product or service on the environment... read more

Elias Bieri
Fundraiser & coordinator

Besides holding a master’s degree in law, I gained experience in social entrepreneurship in my year with KaosPilot Switzerland. I combine professional experience in academics, NGO, as well as... read more

Osama Abdullah
Data Researcher
Trained as a data and internet researcher at the university of Zurich, Department of Political Science and interested in political and financial corruption, financial flows, access money, revolving doors corruption and more. Read more...
Naïma Heim
Visual Communicator

Visualizing complexity by making words look better.