Jacob Geuder, *1985 Researcher coordinatoror “project coordinator”

Jacob Geuder works as research coordinator for Data Catering, examining the links between corporate power and exploitative practices on the ground. As urban sociologist, Jacob is trained in using qualitative research methods and collaborates with urban social movements and video activists. For his doctoral dissertation he conducted a critical ethnography about practices of video activism that record protests and police violence in Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro. Prior, Jacob studied sociology and political sciences at the University of Konstanz, before completing his M.A. in African Studies and Ph.D. in Urban Studies at the University of Basel. Jacob worked and lectured as research assistant at the Center for African Studies at the University of Basel, as consultant in Albania, and as organizer and researcher for the Verein Stadt für Alle Basel (City for All). With his independent project of the Urban Video Archives, Jacob aims to build infrastructures to preserve audiovisual documentations of social justice struggles as well as oppression, especially in the global South.